Should I list all my classical CDs?

Hello everyone,

I have about 200 classical CDs that I collected about 15 to 20 years ago from classical music club and other places. I've since replaced most of them with LPs, and I really haven't listened to this who is in years and years. I could donate them or go through the rigmarole of selling them at a record store, but I'd much rather just pass them on to someone who would enjoy them. What would be the best way of doing this? So I just list them here in audio gone and charge only shipping?
I would keep them, personally. Things change and you might want CDs to use in the future. 
Selling collections may prove not a good idea in the future. But if sold you will get some funds for more lp's.

If you want to keep the collection together, give it to a library, or someone you know, or sell it for a price that you know the buyer will buy it for themselves and not just resell them really cheap.
Hi Simao,
I'll be interested to hear what you decide. I have about 800 mostly classical and jazz CDs that I've ripped to both a Sony HAP-S1 and to an external hard drive for backup. I haven't played a CD (except for some comparison purposes) in many years and, given the convenience of the Sony, don't see myself using them. Right now, the CDs just sit on shelves as part of the "decor" in my living room. I should donate them to a charity such as the public library or maybe Goodwill. But being pennywise and pound foolish, I need to inventory them in order to take a tax deduction, which I've been too lazy to do. If a calamity occurred and the Sony, the hard drive, and the CDs were destroyed, I'm lucky enough to be able to switch to streaming services.

To answer your question more succinctly (and rhetorically), why not just take them to your public library, which will make them available to people who will enjoy them?
I would first check and see what they are being sold for used on Amazon.  You might be surprised how much the prices of Classical CDs have increased.

I have found many CDs that I paid $11.98 for several years ago, from Amazon, are now offered for sale at over $60 used.

I would keep them, just in case, but to give it away Library would be my first choice.
Thanks, everyone, for your advice. I'd be happy to ship them to someone or Library. Lots of titles from Harmonia Mundi and Musical Heritage Society. I love baroque and early music recordings. I really can't see me listening to classical CDs anymore. When I listen to classical it's on vinyl and barring that it's probably streaming. They simply been sitting around in a wine crate for years.