Should I leave my SF Line 3 SE on standby?

I know I am supposed to leave my Line 3 SE on standby to reduce tube thermal cycle, but I listen to my system only on weekend since I work long hours and have kids to take care during the week. So which way is better for the tubes in my case?

Standby is good even at that gap in use.
I would definitely leave it in standby.
I have a very similar situation, I leave my system off all week and turn it on Friday and leave it on until Sunday night.
I keep it ON or on STANDBY all week and turn the whole thing off on weekends.

If you only listen to the Line 3 SE on the weekends, I agree with Rec's statement. Even on "standby", the tube life is being used up, although only at 10% of that when they are "on". That "10%" is from an old brochure that SF put out a while ago (I have the Line 2SE).