Should i keep my N802 or upgrade to N803D

I currently own N02s and my dealer has offered a great deal on the last pair in the box N03D. I really like to sound of my 802's and have owned many B&W speakers as I moved up the line. Is it worth the price (about 1000 dollars) to sell my 802's and move to the 802D? I am powering my 802's with the Rotel 1090 amp.
Thanks for your input in advance.
The 803Ds can sound outstanding w good electronics. The diamond tweeter overcomes distortions in the upper register that you hear w the conventional tweeter. It will also reproduce any nastys in that region coming from your amp. I'd recommend bringing your amp in to the dealer and seeing how you like the combo.
Get the 802D... ONLY if you don't hear the 800D.
Then you won't know what you'll be missing.
I wouldn't ...
I worked for a B&W dealer for years and got to hear the products come and go. We always had to tout our products however the diamond tweeter is was the single largest upgrade that I have heard. It maybe the biggest upgrade in any speaker I have ever heard.

My 2 cents.
thanks for the input. I have heard the same from others that the diamond tweeter takes the listening experiece to a new level. My understanding is the N803D out performs the previous N802 for both in base response as well. I will try listening to them with my RB1090 to confirm. I have been very happy with the RB1090 amp with my 802's. Thanks for your help and input. I do appreciate it.
Can I ask what speaker cables you would suggest for this set up?

Keep the N802's. The 803 lacks the sophisticated bass cabinet and midrange enclosure of the 802. The diamond tweeter may be an improvement but the remainder of the speaker would be a big step down. Remember that most of the music lies in the midrange.

Maybe try another flavor of amp instead. Have you tried spiking the 802's? That changes the character quite a bit as well.
I had both the 803D and 802D and neither one was that good. However the new Diamond series is MUCH MUCH better.If I were you I would keep your speakers and save for the latest series. In my opinion your speakers are better than the D series.
I have the 802N and I love them.I have mine paired with a Pass Labs 350.5,awesome match.I started with the Rotel 1090 and it will not began to show you what the 802N can do.I would start with your amp first.People say bad things about B&W speakers because they don't match them proper.