Should I keep around my NAD 3155?

Here is my current system:
NAD 3155 integrated
Thorens TD 145 (with Denon 110)
Gallo Due speakers + Gallo Subwoofer

I enjoy it hugely, especially the Thorens, but I'm wondering if I'd benefit from upgrading the integrated. I'd prefer not to spend more than $1,000. Should I consider upgrading or should I just stay put?

I think a new(er) NAD integrated, a BEE series, would be a nice upgrade. Plus a newer BEE has input for ipod source. I would go for more power too. Or consider if your turntable needs a new cartridge.
If you enjoy it, what's the hurry to upgrade? Save your money for something bigger down the road.
I see here posted on Agon - a Sumo Elektra preamp with a very decent MM/MC phono stage. Add the B&K ST-2020 amp held here on auction and you have a very respecible set up for the money. I'm sure there are many other combo's via what's posted on Agon others can suggest. Buying used offers the best bang for the buck assuming you research and shop carefully. I acquired a B&K MC101 preamp for $275 and a Monarchy Audio SM-70 amp (original version)for around $350. Very happy with the combo.
Best wishes.
I think that you have a very balanced system. I'd stand pat.
Thanks for the suggestions. I should've been clearer with my needs. I do have to stick with an integrated, for space reasons. Also, iPod listening is not a consideration. I listen at reasonably low levels, so power is only an issue insofar as it will boost sound quality.
I would think one of the Italian Audio Analogue integrated
amps would be a real step up.
Also, they are quite small.
Maybe get a tube intergrated unit from Jolida?
Just read (Stereophile) about a new NAD integrated due out soon.
Uses the same technology as the M2 for a lot less $$$.
Could be worth waiting for!
Sounds very interesting Dweller. I recently acquired the C375bee and think it is very good. I hope I can read up on this new amp in the works.
Thanks everybody. Are there any other fans of Audio Analogue? Also, any thoughts on Creek amps? I was looking at a used 5350.
I have an old 3155 integrated as well, in a secondary system for casual listening. No, it was never a contender for transparency but it is a nice integrated for a beginners system and you will pay much more for new equipment to beat it. After all, this is 25+ years old.

Due to this age it is probably wise to re-cap it. I did this about 5 years ago and it did come back to life and sounds fine again. Better than original? Who knows, I can't go back 25 years to compare, but it was definitely better after the recap than before. Cost me about $100 in parts (Panasonic FC caps from Digikey) and I did the work myself. It was a fun project, just be sure to go one part replacement at a time and replace exact values.

Yeah, if I had more patience and know-how, I'd be happy to work on the 3155. However, I am not inclined to do any work on my amp. It has been checked out and cleaned recently, though.

I am getting very tempted by a Analogue Audio or Creek 5350...
My AA Primo makes sweet sounds(litterally)with my Gallo Minis in bedroom.
Dweller, the new NAD integrated is the c390 DD. Stereophile didn't have a pic on hand. I am curious as to what it's final price will be.