should i go to the cirkus or not ?

I have an older Linn LP12 from the 80's with an ittock lingo and Dyn10x5 MC.
can anyone that has upgraded to the cirkus bearing tell me how much of an improvement it made to the LP12.Or would it be better to put the money someware else in my system.
This is the rest of my system.
Jolida JD 100
jam labs 905 Electra's
All cables are Virtual dynamics
I upgraded to the Cirkus, but along with the Trampolin and Linn silver phono cable, a little over a year ago. It was a significant upgrade, but since I did all three at the same time, I can't say for sure how much the Cirkus contributed, as differentiated from the other two upgrades. My guess is the Cirkus was the biggest improvement. More transparent and more bass.
The Cirkus would definitely be a good idea. Linn say do it before the Lingo. (I did both at once, lucky me.) Much greater clarity and apparent extension. If your Linn got your toes tappin' before, wait till after.
Thanks for the responce, I bougth the lingo when Linn first brought it out . I don't even know if there has been a change to the lingo in 15 to 20 years.
Thanks again
There is a newer Lingo. It is no longer in the "shoebox" format, but looks more like a standard component -- about 19" across as opposed to a few inches across and long front to back. Supposedly it has been upgraded, but I'm skeptical as I haven't been able to get anyone to explain specifically what the difference with the older Lingo is, other than what I can see insofar as appearance.