Should I get the Ultra Fi DAC 41/Tranquility SE?

I'm contemplating a purchase of either the RWA Isabellina or the Ultra Fi DAC 41, but first I'd like to make sure the 41 emphasizes the traits that I find most important. I'm under the impression that the Tranq SE is somewhere along the same audio signature lineage, so impressions of that are welcome as well.

Would you recommend the DAC 41 to me? My preferred sound signature is a DAC that puts emotional involvement and musicality first (that certain quality that you don't know why, but you just want to keep listening deep into the night), a forgiving sound signature, and meaty vocals. Everything else not listed, like soundstage and details, are of little importance to me. Based on this, would you guys suggest the DAC 41 to me? Or my other frontrunner, the tube NOS DAC RWA Isabellina LFP-V?

Also, please note that I tend to prefer that first trait I listed (emotional involvement to the point of music addiction) far above the others, so if you guys could take that into consideration for me.
Please see my review of the DAC 41 here on Audiogon:

After all this time, this DAC continues to make me very happy with my musical experiences.

:) listening,

I'm sure it's an awesome DAC, but just to make sure we're on the same page here, you'd say it's also an awesome dac for *me* based on the traits I listed?

Apologies if I seem insistent, it's just that if I'm mistaken in buying this DAC taking the hit from the resale would be a bit bothersome.
Hello Hygienist,

Eric Hider here from dB Audio Labs aka "Tranquility SE" DAC. The Tranquility SE is a dB Audio Labs product and the DAC 41 is made by Ultra-Fi which are from two separate audio companies.

I think the confusion in linking these two designs may come from Larry Moore (of UltraFi) who used to be associated with dB Audio Labs. He was our chief designer.

Since Larry's departure from our company the current series Tranquility SE has over 20 improvements and refinements which were developed by our new engineering team over a 15 month development cycle. Sonically, the new Tranquility SE has much better transparency, improved dynamics, bass slam and character improvements with a lower noise floor as compared to our original Tranquility SE DAC design.

Cheers, Eric Hider - dB Audio Labs