Should I get a PS3 just for the Blue Ray?

Is the PS3 a good Blue Ray player and is it a good CD player? Thanks, Cory in Reno
Blue-ray, absolutely.

As a cd player, it leaves a lot to be desired,imo...
No, the PS3 is a mediocre Blu-ray player at best, I have owned 8 different players, including a PS3 and the first gen stand alones bested it in my tests (same disk, same cables etc)

It is a great gaming system, and can become addicting, but it should not be confused with a good Blu-ray player.

Case in point, I bought a Sony BDP-S350 the other day and it is better than the PS3 in picture, and loads amazingly fast and is cheaper!
I agree with Kennyt.
Case in point, I bought a Sony BDP-S350 the other day and it is better than the PS3 in picture...

"How so" is the picture quality better on other players as compared to the ps3.I'm running mine with a pio plasma, and to be honest, I would be hard pressed to believe the picture could be that much improved. Speaking of blu-ray now, not dvd.


The colors are better saturated and the edge detail is vastly better on the BDP-S350, I am using a 70" Sony XBR2 RPTV and the differences are significant. My wife can even easily tell which player is being used! I find the PS3's image to be washed out and to have some shadowing on edges in sharp contrast areas. FWIW I am running the latest firmware on my PS3, so that isn't it.
Just wait for the Oppo player, due early next year.
Thanks Kennyt.

As much as I like the ps3 for the blu-ray experience,when the new Oppo BD player hits the streets I will retire the ps3 and purchase the Oppo. I have been waiting for the Oppo a long time,there video quality should be amazing for the price.

As a blu-ray player the PS3 is far from a mediocre.It is a good player. The 350 and 550 are marginally better on blu-ray but they do a better job on upscaling standard DVD. I had a 350 and a PS3 and sold the 350. I would wait for the Oppo in the new year as Aolmrd1241 stated. That will be the player i probably replace My PS3 with aswell.