Should I get a new amp?

I just picked up a fresh pair of Focal/JMLab Electra 1027be's and I'm now looking toward a possible amp upgrade. Currently, I have an older Outlaw 750 (165w x 5 @ 8ohm) pushing them but I'm itching to upgrade. Question is, will I really hear a big difference? That's when all you guys come in with your opinions :-)

My amp budget is about $1,500 (used from A-Gon is fine) and I'm only interested in 2 channel amps. I would continue to push the rest of my HT speakers with the Outlaw, so this amp would be dedicated to the 1027s.

This would also be for about 95% music, 5% HT.

I can get an Anthem Statement A2 for about $1,000 or a P2 for about $2,000 (little over budget...but might be willing to stretch) but I don't know if there is something better in my price range.

And finally, my room is narrow. 11' wide, 20' long (with an open back), and 7.5" high (basement). My speakers are on the short wall firing down the room toward the open end. I tend to sit about 7' off the speakers for listening.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, as always.

Thanks guys!

I have some older Electras and they sound fantastic with tube power amps. People who hear the rig with the tube power amps always comment on how great the speakers they have heard many time during the past 4 years sound now.
They alway forget to look dowm at the tube monoblocks. I tried everything I could, to get expansive, detailed, holographic, and still musical sound, I lusted for. I had to stop the hyperanalytic SS fatigue syndrome. But Nirvana was only one move away. But for reasons I can't remember, I kept on trying different SS to no avail.
After trying tube power amps suddenly I was instantly in heaven. The amp the the Cyber 800s by Consonance.
Read the philosophy section. The author insists that you won't get great sound, until you use tube power amps not just a tube in a window integrated. A really tube power section integrated will work, I have that as well.
It turned out to be exactly correct for my system . Remember not just a tube preamp! You owe it to yourself to hear them with tube power amps.
I could say it again but I am tired of hearing myself.
Great feedback from everyone. Thanks!

There have been a couple of references to Focal's really benefitting from Tube Amps. My problem is that I have never heard a tube amp, and I'm not sure there are any dealers around here that sell them seeing as SS has pretty much taken over the mainstream.

Having said this, I'm now very curious to dig further into the possibility of going the Tube route. This raises a few new questions:

1. I understand that tube amps power is "measured" differently than SS. I know at the end of the day a watt is a watt, but what type of Tube wattage should I target for these 1027be's?

2. What kind of maintenance is required for tube amps? Is "biasing" an involved process? Is it something I can do myself or do I need to send it out to have this done? Are tube replacements easy?

3. I'm a digital guy, not vinyl, with no plans to change in the near future. Does Digital benefit from tubes as much as analog?

4. How important would it be to get a tube-based preamp if I end up going with a tube-based amp? I'm in the market for both so I figure I'd rather find this out now than after I purchase one or the other.

5. The 1027's have the Berrylium tweeter which obviously puts emphasis on the highs. It seems to me that a lot of the SS amps over-exxagerate the highs and I wonder if tubes do a better job of keeping them "less harsh". In essence, is the berrylium tweeter a good match to tube equipment?

As always, thanks for all the great feedback.

I have JM Focal Alto Utopia speakers. These are not easy-to-drive speakers as their impedance goes down from 8 ohms to about 3.5 ohms for lower frequencies. This means that the amp needs to do more than double the current at the lower freq., which is more difficult for tube amps.

Since your speakers have similar characteristics, you may need to get a more powerful tube amp too. I would say 100W minimum.

Tube amp maintenance is easy as long as their bias adjustment is easy to access to.

Hope it helps.
New amp. Look into getting a used Cayin 100 tube amp. Great sound and great value.
With that kind of impedance swing, and yet wanting the glory of tubes, I would take a look at the Music Reference RM200 which are great amps with any speaker (assuming 100 watts is enough), but also handle impedance swings easily and are extremely reliable amps, like all Music Reference amps. Otherwise you would have to use some very large tube amps with huge transformers to handle the speakers load. I think you would find the RM200 to have the conveniece of SS, with outstanding tube sound.