Should I get a full funtion preamp or a phono stage

Currently using an integrated amp,I am thinking of assemblying an analog set,my question is should I get a full funtion preamp or should I just get a phono stage and plug straight into my integrated amp.I amthinking of getting a Cat ultimate preamp or a Herron vtph-1 phono stage with a Nottingham spacedeck or wilson benesch full circle Turntable as I can`t audition this gear at home so does anybody have any opinions on this equipment.I am currently using a Jadis Da-60 integrated amp and a pair of Wilson Benesch actor spks, cdp is a Proceed and cables are Coincident cst-1.TIA
Depends on three things:

1) how much you like vinyl and how many recordings you already have
2) what kind of music you listen to
3) your wallet, man!

Any audio salesman can tell you need to find the answers.

If I had the cash I would go for a Klyne outboard...
Get both.If you want check out a pre with a stage and when $$$ allows get a (tube) stage.But money is the key.The Adcom GFP-750 for $1250 list used and a good stage is a start.But instead of buying this at list or $800 used get good tube pre like the CJ or BAT entry levels with a stage for $1250.The use an aux input and get a better phono section.Without a BUDGET the question difficult at best to give oppinion on.