Should I get a Anthem Pre 1L if I have...

an Anthem Amp1 and the MF A3CR?
I purchase the Amp1 almost 2 years ago now and the MF A3C3 just last christmas. I am happy with this setup.
What would the Pre 1L offer over my current setup? I already know it's supopsed to be a very nice unit and mates well with the Amp1 but I am not sure I should buy it just because of that.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Schugh, your A3CR is the preamp or the amp? If it is the pre, what don't you like about your current setup? The A3CR pre is a really good one for the money.
The A3CR is the preamp (ss) and the Amp1 is the tube power amp.
I am happy with my current setup as I stated.
I know the MF A3CR is good for the money which is why I bought it when it was on sale for half price at a local dealer.

But since I have the Anthem Amp1, I just wonder if the Pre 1L (tube pre amp) how well they would pair up. Hence my question. All the old reviews pair the Amp1 with the Pre 1L and are very favourable of the match. I just wonder what the Pre 1L will have to offer over the MF A3CR.
Oops, I realized I currently have the MF A3.2CR preamp.
The A3CR was the older version.