Should I end my search

I will preface my statements by saying I have never really heard significant differences in cables until I changed my powercords. The aforementioned experience has led me to search for cables to complete my current system. Based on a recommendation I started my search with Silver Audio. I received Silver Audio's Jet Stream and Appassionata inter-connect a couple of days ago. In addition, I received Symphony 48 speaker cable. I have the Jet Stream going from CD player to preamp and Appassionata from preamp to amp. Prior to Silver Audio, I had Kimber Hero inter-connect and Clear Day Audio Double Shotgun speaker cable. I began by having my wife listen to some of her favorite music with the lights off. She immediately said, “That I changed something”. It was apparent from the first note something was different. I don’t want to exaggerate, but this is what I heard: Soundstage bigger, detailed, but smoother than before, bass fuller, more defined soundstage, inner detail that was missing before, at one point my wife said “that she could almost see the singer move closer to the mike”, I believe that was the result of the cable’s ability to highlight subtle changes in dynamics. Since this is the first relatively expensive cable that I’ve heard, should I listen to other cables.
These cables sound like they are working well in your system. If your happy with the perceived musical improvements, I think you should give these an extended listen and enjoy them for a while before you start thinking there "might" be something better out there.
Happy listening.
I agree with Davvie; would also switch back in the Clear Day and "see what you hear" - is the difference you're hearing in the ICs only,both ICs and SCs,

Be interested in your view on theSC alone - have Clear Days myself
I already sold the Clear Day and Kimber cables; therefore I can't isolate where the improvement is coming from. Once I heard there was a significant enough of a difference in my system with the new cables, I knew I had to change. The question now is are there other cable combinations that exist that will provide similar results at the same or lower cost. The new cables have made such a difference that I have decided not to upgrade my Rega Apollo CD player. It's impossible to audition every cable, so I look for advise from others in this crazy "hobby" of ours.
True happiness is being satisfied with less than you have.

You are happy. Quit now.
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Yes, end it.
10-22-10: Jazdoc
True happiness is being satisfied with less than you have.

You are happy. Quit now.
Words of wisdom.
You and your wife seem quite pleased with the improved sound per these cables. If you`re enjoying your music, feel fortunate and forget the grass on that other side on the audio hill.
You and yours have bit the apple. It's too late to stop now. No matter how sensible it is to stop while you are ahead you will have to prove to yourself that another change won't improve matters. The only way to do that is to go out and buy some more highly recommended cables and find that they are no better than what you have now.
The best advice ever on Audiogon! I am happy, just trying to tweak my system.

One gift that I have is to be able to listen and learn from others, but make my own decisions. I have never bought anything based on recommendations or before hearing it with my own ears. My dealer has recommended many things over the years and if I didn't like what I was hearing, I returned the item. The problem is that I found something that had better synergy with my equipment than I had. I present the information to the vast experience on Audiogon, in hope that someone has listen to Silver Audio and compared them to other cables. Of course I take everything with a grain of salt. In addition, I understand that everyone has preferences, different hearing, and different systems that can skew their conclusion. I seek knowledge and have learned many things over the past 20 years in this "hobby".
i'd get the Kimber back...
I know I won’t return to Kimber Hero. I have listened to music all day and it sounds more natural than ever before. Detailed, but not as bright as with the other cables, very smooth sounding. Now I understand what people mean when they say music emanates from a darker background. I decided to try Transparent Audio Plus and Ultra cables before I make my final decision.
Sounds like we share a desire for accuracy. I followed much the same path, regarding interconnects, though a bit farther up the Kimber line(KCAG), between pre and monoblocks, before purchasing Silver's Hyacinths(I've got Kimber KS-1130s, CDP to PRE). I was very happy with those for a few years, then tried a pair of Wireworld Platinum Eclipses(pre to amps). Much more inner detail, dynamics and blacker background. BUT- my sound stage went away(narrower/shallower). I auditioned Synergistic Research's Tesla Apex(via The Cable Co.), and found their presentation virtually identical to the Eclipses', but my sound stage was back. Immediate purchase, at a very comfortable price. Try Synergistic's power cables- excellent(fast accurate bottom and dynamics to die for)!
Thanks for the great feedback. This is exactly the type of discussion I was looking for and I appreciate it. I already have Shunyata Power cords for preamp and source. I have PS Audio power cords for my amps. I will look into Synergistic Research's Telsa Apex.
I've not tried Shunyata PCs, but have some PS Audio xStream Statement SCs, which are now on my video system(OPPO BDP-83 and Sharp AQUOS), having been displaced by SR's active A/C Master Couplers. You won't be sorry, if you try the SR products. BTW- I should have mentioned; while both the Eclipse and Apex offered more detail, and extended upper freqs than my Hyacinths, they were both less sibilant(on my brighter recordings). Happy listening!
No one can advise you about cables in your system. It's all about your trial and error. From one who has been in the cable jungle, leave your system as is for one month. Leave your gear on and listen to music as you normally do. If at the end of a month you still enjoy the sound of your setup, stop thinking of cables and enjoy listening to music. I'm trying to do you a favor.
Last week I brought a set of Shunyata python pc's to a friend's house. We had a blast swapping them in and out. He wants me to bring them back this weekend to try with some newer music. It's a hobby and as long as it's fun and doesn't lead to "flipping addiction" what's the problem? I buy gear and when I'm ready to upgrade I share my old cords/cables with friends and they get a sweet deal. Nothing wrong with that as far as I'm concerned. So, I'll beg to differ with those trying to "save" you. Jump in; the water's fine. ;-)
What I've learned over the past few weeks evaluating cables. There are very significant differences between inter-connect and speaker cables. I was actually amazed how some cables totally collapsed the soundstage and rolled off the highs. In this crazy hobby of ours, take all advice with a grain of salt and let your own ears decide. Remember, one audiophiles medicine, is poison to another audiophile. There are no absolutes and everything has to be taken in the context of system synergy. I evaluated several different cables, Kimber, Transparent(MM2 Technology), Clear Day Audio, Cardas, Silver Audio, and in my system the Silver Audio came out on top. For all of those who are searching for advice on cables, use advice to narrow your search and then listen with your own ears!
I think you should tell yourself that you are happy and end it, but realize that it probably will not be long before you hear a better pc.
Yes end it.
Have fun. Audition some cords from the Cable company and enjoy the ride. You may find something that knocks your socks off and that's affordable. The folks at the Cable company can help with suggestions.