Should I do this now or wait...

I am thinking of getting a Pass Labs X250 for my N802, then when I get more dough, buy a second X250 and biamp the speakers? Would this setup be close to the X600 monobloc? Or just sell the X250 and get the X600 when the time come? Thanks for any advice.

If a 600 is the desire.... then wait for it.

bi amping gets a lot of pub here. I've asked similar questions. From the responses I came away thinking of things this way.... Simpler is better.... and cheaper.

buy back to back serial number amps and I've heard from more than one designer, they're not going to be exat in all respects. meaning the likely need for attenuators as well as duplicate wires, stands, spkr cables, pc's, etc.

hearing the Big Mac, Krell, & BAT amps, if the Pass is akin to the levels of it's competition, and a big Pass was my sincere thoughtful desire, I'd make do with whatever and wait. Avoiding the turnstile & loading dock affairs with buying selling and shipping 2 - 3 amps, vs just one or two.

But that's just me. I'd bi amp the 802D's with tubes on top instead. or just use Levinson or the like SS amps. TBT, I like the MC 602 a lot and they keep pretty stable resale prices too.

have fun though with whatever.
Wait & get the 600.Bi-amping does not necessarily produce the same level power, sound etc of a bigger amp.
Guess I will wait awhile for the big monoblocs. Have any of you tried to rig an XLR input amp to take RCA sourced? I am currently running passive volume pot (Alps 30Kohm blue) w/ RCA outs and the X600 takes XLR. Much thanks, TN
There are advatages IF done right, especially if you use tubes for the top and SS for the bottom. If it is worth the effort, is another question altogether. If I were to use and SS for the bottom, I would not spend as much money as a Pass Amp, I think you could get alot of great SS bass from a much cheaper amp (for bass only).
I think you'd be a little nuts to put two x250s in a room. I had one and it threw off a ton of heat almost like a tube amp. My wife said "something's wrong with your new amp, it's burning up or something." It was literally warming up an 8' area around itself. Yes, it sounded good but not really practical IMO.
Wireless200, I am running 2 Nakamichi PA7s right now full time, each drawing about 260watts idle in passive biamp mode, it sounds very decent, contrary to what Shannere (Thanks)weblink article mentioned as having little benefit. The overall sound quality just seems punchier, cleaner and yes, the system plays much louder as well. I got a huge room (typical open floor plan 50Wx40Dx20H).
One unexplained oddity w/ the Naks are that using the Y splitter for the inputs, they cause loud turn-on pops, forcing me to leave them on all the time, which is quite wasteful which I am trying to resolve maybe w/ different amps...I totally understand the many benefits of active crossover (tried it w/ homemade subs and Paradigm X30 crossover for a few years) but generally speaking, some clarity and intimacy was lost and balancing was difficult, realizing how complex the passive crossover setup in the N802 is I do not want to mess with.

Sounds like a trip to Adaptersville.

I had no problems using RCA to XLR adapter.

See also this previous thread
“bi amping… is it worth it or not?”

Maybe you can pick up some ideas in it.

I did. My ideas on bi amping now are a pair of mono blocks. One per speaker.

You may come away with something else though.
Running the X-600's single ended seems like a shame to me. What makes them so special (and expensive) is how well the parts are matched to optimize their sound. Single ended 600's is wasting your $. I don't think you'll have issues(well maybe hum), but you'll never realize the amps' potential. IMO.
The Edge 10.1 NL I replaced my X-600's with sounds much more liquid, has better bass, runs waaaaay cooler (heat was the reason I sold my Pass monos) and is optimized for single-ended operation. Maybe a better fit? FWIW.