Should I?? Dahlquist DQ-20I for $200???

I don't know much about these speakers to begin with so I'm skeptical at this time. I can find plenty of info on the DQ-10's but nothing for these speakers. Does anyone have any info? The speakers look to be in good condition and sound good. My uncle is currently using them with an HK125 which I'm beginning to think isn't even close to the power they need.

I would like to use them with my HT setup. I currently have a set of Klipsch SF-2 and SC-1 center with a Yamaha HTR-5660 receiver. I know the Dahl's probably won't match very well but this one of those deals that's too good pass.

So, would I be wasting my money on these because I don't have the equipment to power them? I don't have the money to upgrade them or purchase another amp.

Would I be able to power them with a 6.1 Receiver? I saw there are 4 connections on the back so I'm not sure how I would hook them up since the woofers would probably need their own amp.

Any advise would be great. I have to let him know something next week.

I own these speakers and use them for 2 channel, but don't know about home theater application. I have thought about using them for HT but wouldn't know what to match them up with. They are absolutely great for 2 channel, I have Legend Audio Design tube amps, no CD player as of yet. I think a dealer would be able to help you with some choices for home theater perhaps. I know that there is Dahlquist speakers selling out of Canada but they probably aren't any thing like the original Dahlquists. If you are only paying $200 for them, I wouldn't hesitate to buy them. I haven't heard very many speakers that I like better and they were very expensive ones.
Buy them or send me the info and I will buy them for that price Honest!

Happy Listening.
Great price, also a great speaker. They do like high current to really do their thing. The foam around the woofers degrade over time but can easily be replaced. They are hard to ship unless you have the original boxing. I used mine for over 10 years and retired them to move to a more 'intimate' system.