Should I chrome my tuner?

I have a Marantz 120 FM/AM Tuner which I've put alot of money into getting it moded by Joseph Chow.My question as stated in post,would the value of the item decline if I had the cage polished to a show chrome by a pro plating shop.
I had this done to my ARC VT-60 AMP and the quality is breathtaking with the work they do
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Of course. Sounds like a gorgeous stack. Please yourself. I wouldn't worry about resale. After all, others would probably find it "breathtaking" as well.
sounds blingin'
Settle for polishing your knob. Much cheaper.......
My McIntosh MR71 tuner has a chrome chassis and it looks great! Go for it!
Entrope LOL!
I wouldnt worry about re-sale value, you must have a passion for it having it modded, so make it look its best and enjoy!
U audiogoners egg'd me on enough.I'll go ahead and get it done.It takes about 2 months for them to finish their work.
The company is a very small business with 2 skilled plating guys,But the work is much better then even high end component chrome.The company charges $330.00 for a show polished chrome job.
I'll need to borrow someone's digital camera so I can post the photos when project is finished.
Thanks ,Happy Listening

You have GOT to show us! :)