Should I change the Monitor Audio GR10's to PSB M2

I am in the process of putting together a home theater. The room is 10(d) x 14(w) x 8(h). It is an openeing in one corner and a window on one of the side walls. it is carpeted and the walls are moonstone. The equipment I chosen to put in the room is Monitor Audio GR 10's as the front channels, a Gold Reference Center and a Sunfire Signature subwoofer, Sunfire Ultimate Reciever and Sunfire's 7 channel power amp, Cardas Neutral Reference Speaker Cable, Monster's HTS 5100 Power and Line conditioner, Samsung 43" DLP TV. I intend to put the system along the closed sided 14ft wall. I have bought 4 echo busters, 2 bass busters and 4 corner busters. The couch is against the wall opposite the system. With the information given what advice can anyone offer? I am into movies and love instrumentals (saxophone / piano).
Definitely, stay with Monitor Audio. The sound is highly detailed without being unnatural. What are you using for surround speakers? The only change I would suggest is change the subwoofer. Your room is small and this subwoofer would overwhelms and create a hump in sound.
The Monitor Audios will put out plenty of sound for that room. Mine is about the same size, except it is wide open into the tiled kitchen area, which creates some echo issues. For surrounds, I changed from silver 3i's to the Monitor fx surrounds, wired dipole, and I like that alot better. As for the sub, I'm not sure I agree with Gaudio's concerns. Your Sunfire is flexible enough to change the low pass to a point at which the sub will blend nicely, maybe somewhere around 100hz, maybe even 90hz, particularly if you run the monitor's "large".
Dsk, your right on the money. I also changed my 3's to
the FX surrounds (dipole)WOW! Jaming, if it's in your budget
go to a second sub. I'm using 2 AWS210's from MA, and it
sounds wonderful. Very dyamic.