Should I change my CD player ?

First of all here is my system:

Wadia 301 CD player (using balanced connections)
Ayre K5-X evolution preamplifier
Ayre V5-X evolution power amplifier (using balanced connections)
JM Lab Utopia Diva BE loudspeaker
Shunyata Hydra 8 w/Python Alpha
Interconnects and speaker cables are all Nordost Frey

My question is what is the next upgrade or more precisely should I change my Wadia 301 for an Ayre CX-7 evolution to benefit from the synergy of having an all Ayre system. I am open to all your suggestions and comments.

Waiting for your feedback

Thank you all
You didn't say what you wanted to accomplish. Sounds like you just want to change gear.
A real upgrade would be adding another V-5Xe to run in a horizontal or vertical bi-amp configuration. Try them both & see which way sounds best.
I just bought the CX-7E (previously had SCD 777ES) and it has transformed my system - much more enjoyable overall and worth every penny. That said, for your excellent system/speakers I would step it up to the CX-5, if that fits your needs. If you're still just interested in CD only I feel the Meridian G08 is a step up in transparency/detail, frequency extremes, and smoothness from the CX-7 for just a bit more money (note, I could have bought either but I liked the Ayre in my system and it better fit my budget).
Hi Larryken

Even if I do like the sound of my system a lot, I kind of wonder if the synergy of an all Ayre system could surpass the sound of my system with the Wadia. I guess I just want to make sure I am not missing anything.
Going from the wadia its hard to get something better, its all got to do with the flavor you are looking for. If you want less definition go to something softer ie. tube cd player, if you want more analytical and flat go to sony, but wadia is dead neutral and very dynamic digital output, its that type of a thing, basically with this level of equipment its tuning it to your taste, not really what is a better unit, because nothing is universally perfect and yes System Synergy is gonna play the biggest factor, so if the wadia is perfect matched with a Boulder amplifier, it may not be with the Ayre sound, maybe a spectral Cd player is better with the ayre, etc... do not take that literal, but just for reference, gotta find the right recipe for you, maybe you do not like Garlic, see what I'm Saying :).
As a big fan of Wadia I would try the Wadia direct into your amp. also steve huntley offers a few mods for your Wadia.
The CD Player's change must come from within.

Have you considered dealing with room treatments as this is the most over looked component!
Come from within? Oh like a cheap cd changer, so when you don't like how it sounds just press a button and go to a better recording :) Just kidding
Utopia - how do you like your JM Lab Utopia Diva BE loudspeakers? I am thinking about upgrading to either Diva or Nova Utopia. I currently have Wilson Audio Sophia.

I love my JM Lab Diva, they can fill out even the biggest room with big bold sound while letting every bit of details through. Altough they are not your average audiophile hyper detailled loudspeakers, you never get the feeling that something is missing. Unlike other JM Lab models, they are not as bright and in your face as one might suspect. Before I made my choice I had listen to the Micro Utopia, the Verity Audio Fidelio and the Sonus Faber Guarneri and I found the Diva to be the most versatile of them all being able to play all kind of music. And since I might one day merge my home theater and my 2 channel systems, the Diva was the practical choice. Sorry I can't give you my opinion on the Sophia as I never had the chance to hear them but I do feel that in your case you might want to go with the Nova if you want an upgrade update, the Diva would be more a side step, something different than your Sophia, guess it is a matter of choice as everything is in audio.
Thanks Utopia, I will have to do serious listening to both Diva and Nova. There is dealer in Atlanta that can setup the Nova for Demo but will be special setup with $1000 fee - because the speakers have to be brought from New York. I will never pay to do this. Instead I will fly to New York for demo sessions. Glad to hear you like your Diva. I love my Sophia but just want to explore something new.
If you haven't done anything for your room acoustics that should definitely be your next upgrade. It will far outperform a different cd player or any other electronics. You'll be shocked if you haven't done so already.