Should I buy the Sim Audio Attraction 7?

I want a processor that gives me the best possible music but that can also handle home theater. I have Bryston amps and B & W speakers.

Best regards-Henry
If money is no object, this Sim Audio processor may be the way to go.

If you want to get 2 channel sound very close to it for a lot less money, I would go with the Bryston Surround Sound Processor.

Both the Bryston and Sim Audio surround sound processor's share much of the same internal parts (the same DACs that are in EAD's top of the line processor). These are state of the art. The Bryston does come with a 20 year warranty and the Sim Audio only has a 10 year warranty.

The only edge I would give the Sim Audio is in 2 channel preamplification. HOWEVER, since you have Bryston amps, the Bryston processor may mate with your amps better than the Sim Audio. Sim Audio's 2 channel preamplification in it's processor is most likely equal to Sim Audio's P-5 2 channel preamp. Bryston's 2 channel preamplification in it's processor is equilivilent to Bryston's top preamp.

I am big on value, so I would look for a good price on the Bryston online. I have seen new ones sold on Ebay for $2800 and $3000. I have never seen the Sim Audio one sold used or seen a deal on it online.

I like both Bryston and Sim Audio gear. I own a Sim Audio W-5 amp, and I have auditioned several Bryston pieces. I do not think you could go wrong with either preamp.

All the above being said...

You do have one other option.

If you really want to be serious about high end sound (and you are not too serious about HT sound), this is what I would do. Get a relatively inexpensive HT processor. I personally use a Sony TA9000 processor (or I also recommend an Anthem HT preamp), and I have never had any complaints. This can be had new for around $1k. Now get a high end 2 Channel Preamp that has home theater PASS THROUGH inputs. This is the real way to go if you want amazing 2 channel sound. There are three preamps I know of (off the top of my head) that have HT pass through inputs.

1-Adcom 750 GFP, I have never heard this unit, but I know folks who have forgotten more about high end audio (than I could ever hope to know) that swear by it.
2-Sim Audio Moon P-5, A very neutral 2 channel preamp.
3-Sonic Frontiers 3SE, I own this preamp. This is a world class tube preamp that is simply amazing. Whoever designed it was a genius. It has every bell and whistle that a 2 channel high end preamp could hope for, without any sonic degradation.

I am sure there are more 2 channel preamps that have HT processor pass through inputs. These are the ones that I know of off the top of my head.

Anyway, this and $2 will get you a $2 coffee at Starbucks.


Hi, Henry14. Check out the excellent review in Ultra High Fidelity magazine no.62 just out. You can read part of the review for free at I find their reviews very fair and useful. They do their own thing and will respond to e-mail with good advice. Also, I've hear sim preamps make bryston amps sing on Tannoy churchills.....hope this helps, cheers, Bluenose