Should I buy the Oppo BD 205?

I stupidly bought the Oppo BD105 used for almost the same price as a new 205 about the time the new player came out.  My question is, is it worth buying a 205 at this point before it disappears? Is it that much better?

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No, if you just an audiophile and not a 4K viewer. Actullay, 105D is more capable than 205D. 105D has TIDAL app loaded. You can streaming Tidal HiFi directly on 105D.  
I should add, the Oppo is not my main player for red book CDs.  I have a transport/DAC combination for those.  I just use the Oppo for SACDs and other hi-res formats.
I have owned the 105D, a Modwright 105D and I currently own the 203 and the 205. If you are using the Oppo as your BD player or you have or conceive of having 4K, you should acquire either the 203 or 205. If that is not a goal at all, then stick with the 105. FWIW the Modwright 105D is a vast improvement in SQ IMO over the stock 105. 
I am using an older 95 for cd transport going via spdif into my lyngdorf and it works just fine.
I have a 205 on order and will be comparing the sq via its xlr outputs to the digital out of the 95.

If I still like the 95 as is then the 205 will go into our HT rig and replace the even older 93 that is in current use.

Really depends what you want to do with it but maybe a moot point right now as I believe all new 205 stock sold apart from the crazies and dreamers on eBay.