Should I buy the Harmonix footers for $2000.00?

I am seriously thinking about buying the top of the line Harmonix footers for my YG Acoustic speakers which I am currently very happy with. Can anyone reassure me on this purchase?
Insist on an audition in your home with a money back guarantee. Of course, if you have money to burn, go for it.

You obviuosly have the money...Don't look back now....!
It will likely change the sound of your speakers--every Harmonix product I have tried will do that. Whether it's for the better or not is up to your ears, so I would insist on a home trial. Considering YG Acoustics' claims to be the best and most accurate speakers on Earth, I think they would disagree with your using these footers, and it does seem a little unusual that you would want to change the sound of the world's most accurate speakers. But hey, what do I know?

i just checked out your virtual system. is your post here a tounge in cheek posting or have you gone off the deep end and done a major upgrade?
Raising the speakers off the ground will improve the overall audio reproduction in your system. However, I can not see how the Harmonix Footers are an advantage given their size. In my opinion, they are too short to make a substantial difference and at $2,000 you should expect superb results from your purchase.

Decoupling the speakers from the floor is essential but you can do this with cinder blocks. Purchase them at any home improvement store and spray-paint them the same color as the YG's. Total cost @$25.00. The results are outstanding. Improved dynamics and fluidity throughout the system.

Remember that it's also necessary to raise the listening position by the same height as the cinder blocks.
Why not use an Aurelex riser? Worst case scenario, they work and you've saved $1950.00. If they do, donate $100 to the earthquake relief fund or another charity and pocket the rest. Not sure how or why the more expensive product will work any better.
Harmonix footers for $2,000? I promise I won't carry on about this like I do the power cords.
Thanks for the responses. I am kind of looking st the footers in the same light as I look at quality (effective) equipment shelves/racks, etc. for our components. I guess I was hoping to hear from others that had a hard time deciding whether or not to buy these footers but ended up happy with the decision to take the plunge in the end.
03-01-10: Justlisten

i just checked out your virtual system. is your post here a tounge in cheek posting or have you gone off the deep end and done a major upgrade?

Yes,Underdog,please tell us.
"happy with the decision to take the plunge in the end."

Your initial post was yesterday and "in the end" this morning
you had already "taken the plunge"?

It seems you are just GF-ing us for some reason.

Wendell, I think you misread the post, he's looking for others who took the plunge, he hasn't yet.

Underdog, I bought a number of Harmonix footers in the past (less expensive ones, though), but only after I tried them and heard them in my system. I even used four of them under my Duntech Princess speakers for a long time, principally because I was not going to wreck my floors using spikes (this also wound up breaking the footers as well after a few years). Ultimately I stopped using them in all applications--while they clearly changed the sound, it was not necessarily for the better, and different types of isolation devices worked better in the applications where I had used the Combac feet. I do not think, from my experience, that their high price is justified by their performance, but that's just my opinion.
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Rcprince, you are correct. I misread his post. Underdog, my apologies.

No problem...thanks again for the replies.
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