Should I buy PSB Image T6's for $800?

Upgrading from Epos ELS3 bookshelf speakers, A local deal has an excellent condition used pair of the PSB Image T6's for $800. Would these be a really great step up? They'll be used with a Peachtree Nova DAC/amp. I know little about how much power speakers need to drive, so I want to make sure this combo would be good.
They are 91db. You should only need 20 watts to power them. There is a review at Soundstage. Never heard them, but they should be a match with your amp.
good speaker--no real flaws. quite efficient, so your nova should drive 'em fine, and i'd expect it'll be a definite upgrade for you. msrp is $1199; i see 'em advertised new for $999, so $800 used registers as neither a great bargain nor a terrible deal. at around the same range you might also consider energy veritas or revel f12, both also very good.
Someone else told me I should be looking at speakers with 98db efficiency and the Nova wouldnt be good enough. Does that make any sense?
Did you like the EPOS sound? I never cared much for the ELS3 (sounded boxy to me), but the EPOS M12i for $720 (HCM Audio) and EPOS' EPIC series are worth checking out.

The PSB will sound different than the EPOS, not better or worse, but different.

When Upscale Audio was first selling the Peachtree, they were pairing it with ERA speakers.

I have a pair of T65 for sale for $600 here on audiogon. very similar speaker. $800 seems a little high for used speakers
Huh? The T6 go for around $900 in b-stock/floor models, so $800 seems pretty reasonable for a like-new pair I can go see and pick up locally, doesn't it?
The other pair I'd consider is the Monitor Audio RX6, but from what I can tell the PSB is considered to be slightly better for a similar price.
I have bought a number of PSB speakers, almost all in mint conditon, and have never paid more than 40% of list price. Maybe its different in your locale.