Should I burn these?

Am so disappointed with my Bose 911 speakers. I appreciate good sound quality and these speakers just don't cut it. They do not possess good sound performance as far as highs and lows and the sound is very flat and muffled, and no they are not blown. They have sounded the same way since they were new about 5 years ago. Had an old pair of Canadian made speakers made by Audio tec from the early 1980's and wish I would have kept them as the sound was far superior. Bose 911 speakers are over priced and the sound quality sucks. Don't buy them!!!
Put them up for sale on ebay and get yourself a pair of sound dynamics 300ti and never look back...The 300ti will blow them away and leave you with much needed cash to buy software.
Or as the old saying goes: "No highs, no lows - must be Bose".
Bose was always infamously all about marketing rather than solid engineering and to be truthful that hasn't exactly been a secret. In spite of everything you probably shouldn't burn them though. Try running them up on ebay and see what happens, believe it or not they are still known to sell.
But the good thing is that you now know and hear for yourself. Welcome to
the world many of us live in; it can be a slippery slope but there is much
good advice here should you choose to gather opinions. Listen to as many
speakers as you can in your quest for the next pair.
Surprised you or anyone would keep them or any speaker that long if found so bad. Do you use the Bose supplied equalizer? Without it they certainly do not work well as they are designed to work in conjunction.

Had 901's many years ago, lot of fun. Many hi end stores sold them at the time. They compared well with many in their line up back in the day. So you may indeed wish to post them for sale on various venues. Good luck on your hunt for suitable speakers.
Yes you should!
I bought a pair of Bose 2.1 bookshelf speakers in 1990. I still have them. Stopped listening to them about 5 years ago, have had them in several garage sales and up on Craigslist, no takers. They really are terrible, bought a pair of B&W 685s years ago, those really showed how bad the 2.1s are. I still have friends who think Bose's 2.1 and 5.1 satellite systems are the creme' de la creme, I just keep quiet, cannot really tell the truth here without looking like an audiophile snob...!
5 years??? sure took you a long time to discover how bad they are. But, the speaker has been in production forever, so SOMEONE must like them, and are satisfied with them. Which is more than you can say about a lot of the 'audiophile' stuff on the 'gon. I think PARTY people like them. You know, having FUN. Poor lost souls.
Just don't burn your troll card.

If you don't have the equalizer you're not listening to them as they were intended. You have to have the EQ. I'm not a Bose apologist, but you do need to be operating the with the equalizer to give them a fair shake. It's an integral part of the system.
Guy registers on AGon just to start duplicate threads bashing speakers he's owned for five years. WTF?
Said it before and will say it again. Where are the moderators when you need them?
Bose 911 speakers are over priced and the sound quality sucks. Don't buy them!!!
WTF is a Bose 911 speaker? Are these the Bose speakers they put into Porsche 911s.
Yes, and you should roast marshmallows so you can make s'mores.