should I biwire???

Dear Fellow Audiots, I recently purchased a pair of PSB Stratus Bronze Speakers and use Kimber Cable to the Onkyo Amp. Will I "hear" a difference if I biwire, and how do I accomplish biwire?? Do I use the 'A' & 'B' speaker selector, or do I just use the A terminals?? Thank you for your assistance, and happy listening..Bennett
Definitely with the PSB speakers. I have lots of experience with PSB silvers and the Gold i's. They like to be bi-wired. You will notice an explosion of detail. I used 2 runs of Kimber 8TC's which is true bi-wire...Amazing. You can use either terminal A or terminal B or both which would make your life easier when hooking these cables. A + B are from the same source...just a switch.
yes biwire! if you do, only high frequency currents will flow to the tweeter and only low frequency currents will flow to the woofer. then you can sleep at night knowing you did what you could to make them sound their best :o)
I wouldn't biwire. It just adds to the complexity of the setup and can't say your going to get any real difference, no more than just halving the resistance of the cable. Your money for the second run of cable is probably better spent buying a single better run of cable if anything. And the money spent on that single run of better cable would probably be better spent on upgrading a component. Yes, I'm from the school that doesn't believe in esoteric cables. That doesn't mean I haven't experienced differences in cables. When I had a little tube amp and upgraded to some "designer" cable I was quite impressed with the results. However, a "real" amplifier will plow through whatever your using like its not even their, so long as the length of the cable isn't extremely long. I guess what I mean by "real" amplifier is well done solid-state designs and some exceptions, so long as the circuit design is not extrememly load sensitive. My Van-Alstine Fet-valve is half a tube and half transistor and I'm just using a single run of Kimber's cheapest cable to my loudspeakers (which are bi-wireable). With that amplifier I can't hear differences in cable. Its up to you. Fifty bucks spent of a set of RPG room acoustic foam would probably give you more performance for your money if you're looking for some type of "tweek" not part of the basic equipment. Good Luck!