Should I bi-amp or bridge my amps to feed my speakers

I have an older pair of Audio Physics, they have woofers on each side and a mid and tweeter on the front. I have (2) identical tube amps running in triode mode at 35 watts each. I was thinking to bi-amp the woofers on one amp and mids, tweets on the other. Wonder if anyone here has experience with this? Any advice or input is appreciated..



You are on the right track getting a sub. 35 watts is probably not enough to take care of the entire bottom end, but if you roll them off at say 80hz to a subwoofer or two will amaze you!  If you go with REL or similar, that use your amps speaker feed, you shouldn’t need anything else. They can control where the speakers roll off and the subs roll in.

Let us know what you decide to do.

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I would not bridge your amps.  It forces two different output transformers to work in series. 

Bi-amp should help with separation and soundstage. Add an active subwoofer to handle only the bottom octave. Set the low pass crossover on the sub at it’s lowest frequency, and set the gain so that you can barely even notice the sub.

You bridge your amps and you create a public address system from a stereo system.  It will be louder and it will sound poor.  If you want to bi-amp, that will likely yield better results.  Speaking from experience here.

I have heard those speakers with and without subs at a dealer in Portland and the spatial difference was not subtle. They were also spread farther apart from each other than "normal" and severely toed in. I don't remember which amps were driving them but I'm sure there was more power than the 35 wpc you are using.