Should I bi amp my NAD M25 to PMC FB-1+?

I have an NAD M25 and am using 5 of the 7 channels for my home theatre. I have 2 additional unused chanels on the amp. I have heard that the PMC's do really well in a bi amped configuaration. My questions is, can I use the extra 2 channels on the amp to do this? I use bi-wired Nordost blue heaven cables. How would I wire this? Does Nordost make an RCA cable for bi amping? Or would I need to use a splitter? I'd like to keep the cabling as simple as possible and hopefully within the blue heaven line.

Lastly, is this worth the effort?
Yes!! You will definitely hear the difference through in both clarity and depth. You did not mention the type of processor or receiver that you are using but assuming it has only one output per channel you will need to use good quality "Y" connectors to allow 2 cables per channel into the M25.

After installing the new cables run the channel volume setup again to take account of the signal splitting and bi-amping.