Should I be concerned about overpowering my spkrs

I have a Krell 300i with 150 watts per side. I keep looking to buy a pair of the many detailed sounding mini's (B&W 805, Proac, Monitor Audio, Totem, Spendor). Many of the small speakers are rated to only take a 80W to 120W power amplifier. I don't really understand what will happen if I use the Krell with 150 watts. Will i damage the speakers?. Can I use this set-up as long as i don't push the volume too high?
Looking for some guidance?.......thanks
You are more likely to damage a speaker by underpowering it than overpowering it.
Just don't crank it up all the way and you'll be fine.
If you did "crank it up all the way", as Jtinn said, you would be more likely to hurt your speakers with a smaller amp. You can never have too much power!

Especially with the N805's in your list. They will like the power, I wouldn't be afraid one bit to throw the krell at them. Have you thought of adding the revel m20's to your list of speakers? Those, too, love the power.
Also consider, is 150 what that amp can run continuous or is it peak? is 120 the peak power for the speaker?

If Mr. Krell peaks at about 230W, and Mr. B&W only accepts 120 peak, then toss in a good dynamic song and..

Pop goes the speaker.


tell ya what, an easy solution is to mail the Krell to me, and go get a lower power amp!!!!!
I have the 805 Signature's with the Mcintosh 352 amp and the Sig's love the power. I have also heard the N805's with the Mcintosh 602 and also no problem. More power on the amp "my personal opinion" helps produce a much cleaner sound. I would not think twice on using your Krell.
In my HT I've been using little NHT SuperOnes and SuperZeros powered by a brutish ATI 1505 150x5 for five years with no problems at all.

I'm currently running a BAT VK200 into my ProAc Response 1SCs in my 2 channel system with good results.

An amp with plenty of power is less likely to go into clipping, so you'll be feeding your speakers cleaner, less distorted power. As the previous posters said, as long as you don't crank it too much you'll be fine.
Dont listen to Valleyplastic, he is obviously confused.
The krell will not work, so box it up and ship it to me!!!!!!!!

Just be careful. You might be ok but definatly keep the power in mind when you listen to music. As long as you are careful you will probably be ok.

If this is HT you might have a problem because movies can be extremly dynamic. that explosion you hear might be a little too realistic!
Generally speaking, it is better to have more power then not enough because distortion caused by clipping can easily damage tweeters. On the other hand, you also need to be careful not over driving the speakers. If you sense a speaker is reaching its dynamic limit, turn it down. I have once seen a pair of 15” woofers in a JBL 4350 completely melted their voice coils. So accident can happen if you are not careful.