Should I add a separate amp?

Hey Guys,

I'm an audio novice but I'm setting up my home theater and wanted some advice. I recently purchased a denon 4308ci, def tech mythos st front three (wife wanted thin-I wanted good sound=compromise), def tech reference in ceiling rears (7.1) and JL F113 sub. My front towers both have built in subs but I'm wondering if right now, I would notice a big difference with a separate amp. Will the denon do the job? I think it's 140 watts x7 and I know the amp is usually not as good in integrated receivers. Will I notice a big difference with a cleaner, more powerful power supply? Thanks in advance-I'm lost.
Well, the Def Tech subs have their own amps, and the JL sub has it's own amp. I'd say the Denon has plenty of power for whats left.

IMO....your good to go.

I think you'd have to spend a bundle to notice a difference. You don't need more power but who can argue with a Lexicon or Sunfire vs the built in Denon. However, you'd be looking at 7 more interconnects also!
Your good to go with what you have . The amps in the Mythos and the amp in the JL sub will leave your more than adequate Denon to do the mids and highs which are alot easier on an amp to produce . The center channel reproduces the vast majority of information for home theater anyway. Seriosly enjoy what you have now . You might even want to try your set up without the JL sub first . Watch a few movies play some music then add the JL sub and see if it is an improvment or a problem . Have fun and enjoy, you have some nice gear for home theater use . Cheers
Has2be really nailed this one. Just kick back and enjoy!

I am curious, how you fir the Mythos ST as a center channel??? did you need to lay it on it's side or are you using a perforated screen??
Sorry Kennyt, I should have been more specific. I'm actually using mythos ten for the center but it's the center meant for the mythos st speaker. My mistake for not clarifying.