Should I add a Preamp to my system

Tekton D.I. -> Parasound A21->myteK Brooklyn Dac using the digital audio potentiometer. Need for a Preamp or no. I had a Hovland and I think it sounded better but that could just be my brain not remembering quite right. If not I would like to put the money into a new Phono pre. Am I going to gain $4000 worth of better sound if I buy a pre?
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Buy a preamp only for its phono stage and switching options if you want to listen to LPs! Otherwise if you only listen to digital no need for a preamp!
And you certainly do not need to spend $4K for an excellent preamp!
It depends. I listen only to CDs and prefer using a tube preamp versus no preamp. Gives a warmer sound. Others might prefer no preamp.
Agree you definitely don't need to spend $4K.

Another preamp / passive thread ? Read through some of the other threads here, as you will get so many opinions, for, or against. I prefer passive, as any gain stage I have had ( preamp ), colored, and sacrificed, details, in all aspects of my recordings. Try one, if you can, and decide for yourself. YMMV. Enjoy ! MrD.
Only if you want to add some tube warmth to the mix, otherwise, no need.
Jump on a preamp asap it will improve your sound big time.
"The Brooklyn represents Mytek’s next step in the evolution of its “entry-level” yet full-featured DACs. The $1995 Brooklyn is not only a DAC, but also a preamplifier for both analog and digital sources, a headphone amplifier that supports single-ended and balanced cans, and a phono preamplifier for both moving-coil and moving-magnet cartridges. The Brooklyn also comes with its own dedicated control app that allows you to operate all the Brooklyn’s functions from your computer as well as perform software updates." -- Steven Stone, Sep 06th, 2016 The Absolute Sound.

The Brooklyn is a preamp as well as a DAC. Unless you want tubes or a different SS signature I don’t see the need for adding another preamp.

I would certainly look at the Herron audio vtph-2a phono pre, which can be the cornerstone of any analog front-end. It’s remarkable. I heard the Brooklyn at RMAF - not a good medium. I had a well regarded ss pre but prefer tubes. my inbound is a tube dac 😊 Cheers
Schiit, man. The Freya +. 
I had similar dillema to Yours. I have Berkeley Alpha DAC with digital volume control to my active Backes&Muller speakers and think dont need a preamp. In the manual of Berkeley they said: If You dont want loss fidelity dont use a pre.
I tried some budget pre and overall sound was worst. 
Next I tried better preamps of my friends in my system ( Mark Levinson no26, Sonic Frontiers SFL-2) and I like it more.
Finally I bought tube Joule Electra LA-150mkII and couldnt be happier, now sound is more palpable, rich and colorfull with ubeliveble weight.
So summary, If You want preamp it must be really the good one
Jolida Foz SS-X Sound Stage Expander.

Knock your socks off.
You are always better off with an analog volume control. You should always try to run your digital sections full tilt for maximum definition. Digital volume controls lose definition as you drop volume. Analog controls do not. I am not sure what the Mytec is doing. But if it is using an analog volume control another preamp would be a waste of money. Save it for a better amp, speakers, music or flowers for the wife.
Better sound with pre. Pay no attention to the theorists.