Should I ad a Krell KCT pre to my HTS

What advantage would I gain by adding a Krell KCT preamp to my krell hts proceesor, I am always striving for better music, the krell hts is the best musical proceesor I have heard imo, can anyone tell me the benifits of adding the krell kct to it, thanks
the KCT would sound much better because its $1500 more then the HTS and stereo only, therefore they would be able ot put much more money into the gain stage of the KCT and its designed for stereo, so it would sound better in stereo then the HTS which is a ht piece...BTW Krell preamps are okay, but not the best value, there are much better stuff out there and if you want better musical performance, I'd go to a CJ tube preamp
Samski I won't disagree with Tbonephile's response. I have an HTS with FPBc amps, and I may or may not get a KCT. Tbone has a good point concerning tube preamps, and I may go that way with one having an ht passthrough. If you have Krell cast amp(s), you might give more serious consideration to the KCT given the use of cast cables. I spent serious time enjoying that system with the new Krell CD player. It was outstanding! Note that Krell will have a new DVD unit by year's end. Don't forget that it's all about system synergy and your ears; always audition potential new equipment in your system. Good luck, and feel free to get in touch with me. I don't know many HTS owners. Heh heh.