Should cable elevators be used?

I read the dictums from Mapleshade and others that speaker cables should be lifted off carpets of synthetic material.
I always had wool carpets but in retirement have moved to a condo covered in synthetic berber,can't say I have noyiced any great change in my 12ft MIT or ZU speaker cables .
What's the general consensus?
The concern I have always understood is static electricity.
If you can generate static electic shock with your wool carpet then use risers. Personally I would use them anyway.
But anything that raises and isolates will work. I use Cable Clamps available at Home Depot and they seem to work fine. Just a suggestion, there are many products that others prefer, I just went with economics and logic when I did it.
Only if the cables are unable to make the stairs....HA, sorry, I could not resist:) Some here devise their own, utilizing household discards, up to the imagination. There are ideas regarding such via forum search, here. If/when I decide to experiment, I would try a collection of old (pole) wire insulators. Very interested in your findings should you experiment.
Haha hah.. The consensus is there is no consensus.
Two camps and a no man's land minefield between.
I say IF you can hear a difference, then great, yes use cable elevators. If you can't, then you may use them, or skip them.
I use common toilet paper (empty) rolls for my short cables. Just one per side. Free.
I do the same as Elizabeth and noted a minute change but price is right!
a half roll of Charmin sounds the best. It increases the damping. Plus the highs are softer.
I just got some ceramic ones and thought they made a worthwhile improvement. I am currently recruiting a group of leprechauns to install and remove them while I am listening with my eyes shut so I can see if I can really tell the difference. That ought to make the blind test gang happy. Don't get the Mapleshade ones; three large Tinkertoy sticks with a napkin ring. Or I'll sell you mine if you want your patience exercised.
If they make you happy, then by all means use them.
Of course, otherwise you will live in a world of doubt, a place no audiophile wants to ever be.
The manufacturers would not make or sell them if they didn't make a difference. Would they??
Is anybody using cable elevators on wood floors or is that a non-issue?
Rok2id...absolutely they would...if people are told they fix some imaginary fault, and if people are willing to send their checks, there is no reason why they souldn't be manufactured. If they help your system send a check...that's what moves the economy.
Stringreen....I am shocked!!!! I read your post in utter disbelief!!! You seem to be implying that there are greedy dishonest charlatans within our own ranks!!!! Say it ain't so, please say it ain't so!!
But I can take solace in the fact that I got my elevators for half off MSRP. They were $3,000 for 4, but I got these bad boys for a cool $1,500. I see where some members use toilet paper inserts.. I get my paper at walmart, and I don't think it's audiophile grade. Maybe I should try Stereophile. Do they sell toilet paper? In a sense it would be appropiate if they did.
Stereophile has been selling toilet paper all along!
couldn't resist
Rok2id...ok...Say it ain't so
Cables should be off the floor no matter what surface because of vibrations and static.
Some 'guru' on facebook, while showing off his 'reference' Marantz system, said cables should be off the floor to eliminate interference from THE EARTH!! I think it's all that molten iron sloshing around in the core. This planet is not audiophile friendly.
'youtube' not facebook, so solly
Thought I would chime in for a different approach as it seams most everyone has their cables routed on the floor. I suspended my speaker cables UNDER my floor. They are hung with a plastic connector every other floor joist. No part of the cable sits on the floor. Easy to do as long as you have access to your basement (or crawl space).
>>Should cable elevators be used?<<

Only when your insurance does not cover a Hoveround.
I like them, they keep static electicity (15000V+) away from my system. Becuase of static I have had to replace blown fuses and tubes as well as componants in some systems I have had.
I keep my house at about 50% humidity. I have let my wiring get out of control during A/C season but correct this before the winter. I just rewired my system and added more lifters for the interconnects. Better to be safe than sorry.