Should a Jack and Coke be renamed a Lemmy

I heard on the news that there is a petition online that is trying to get a Jack and Coke renamed a Lemmy. As a tribute to fallen rock star Lemmy Kilmeister. What do you think?

Is that anything like bangers and mash?
Jack and Coke has always been know as a "stoner" drink.  From what I have read Lemmy avoided hard drugs. I view Lemmy as a heavy metal version of Frank Sinatra!
I have no Idea what his drug habits were. But If you talk to anyone that works at the Rainbow in W. Hollywood they all know Lemmy's drink was Jack and Coke.

Customer: Barkeep, a Jack and Coke please!

Bartender: Is Pepsi okay?

Customer: Sure.

Bartender pours Coke and Pepsi into the drinking glass. ;^)
The problem is, obviously, Jack and Coke isn't the name of a drink really, it's a description of a drink. Beyond that I have no issues with trying to name if after Lemmy just doubt it will stick.
Oh also no offense to Lemmy, and perhaps this reflects poorly on me, but I did have to google him to figure out who he was. So perhaps not so universally recognizable to have a drink named after?
Instead of drinking a mediocre whiskey and adding a sweetener to it, why not just drink a better whiskey? Johnny Walker Black is much better, and doesn't cost that much more. Besides, adding Coke to alcohol is for girls and sissies ;-).
The one time I met Lemmy I believe he was having a beer.  Was this his favorite drink or something?
Fans also want heavy metal periodic table element renamed in his honor. Our priorities are seriously effed up.
Jack Daniel's was always the choice in the world of Heavy Metal.
Fans also want heavy metal periodic table element renamed in his honor. Our priorities are seriously effed up.
Its all in good "fun" / honoring one of the oldest and longest living, longest performing heavy rock icons of our time... It is a way to collectively continue to talk about and remember him. Much better than just a fleeting thought, sound bite or news clip. Sure it will fade but IMO the man deserves these thoughts and conversation, even if it is just for fun in his honor and nothing comes of it. Its just a trending social collective. It is keeping his much deserved legacy in our thoughts for more than just a day... Besides, metal fans are, arguably the most serious and the most devoted music fans in the world.   More power to 'em!!! Im sure there are countless environmental, social and governance activism priorities out there that you and metal heads are a part of, as well. "(Don't Let Them) Grind Ya Down!" (-; 
 Tonight after work, Im gonna have a Lemmy. 
only if it is served w/ a cigarette...
Plus. ..I think he once remarked... I slept with 1k women....all of them ugly....haha...Lemmy: 2 parts jack, one coke,  one large momma! Ace of spades!
In memory of Lemmy...
I could see that limited edition Motörhead Jack Daniels going for big money at a rock and roll auction in 20 years.

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