Should a Furman power conditioner Buzz?

I just bought a furman line conditioner and it emits a buzzing sound from the unit. Also makes the noise from my speakers. I had almost no noise from my speakers before I put it in.
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Something is wrong. I have two different Furman units, one for video and another on audio amplifiers. Neither emit noise, either through the unit or through components connected to it. What would be the use of a conditioner that causes noise? Something is wrong.
Call Furman. I purchased a unit just over a month ago and had quesions and found their customer service to be excellent.

It might be defective but I had a Furman balanced 20A conditioner that had a large toroidal transformer and it will definitely buzz if you have DC on you AC line, most likely coming from a dimmer switch or other appliance that presents an unbalanced load to the AC line. The dimmer switch to the light on my stove hood would cause the Furman to buzz in the basement. If you are in an apartment or condo it could even be from another unit in the building. This is not an issue isolated to Furmans, it is a characteristic of toroidal transformers.
My friend had the same problem with his. He called Furman and they knew exactly what it was. They had to replace some part. After he recieved the unit back, the buzzing was gone. I would call Furman.