Shotgun biwire?

What does this mean, and is better than straight/ biwire?
Shotgun or dual biwire consists of two discrete cable runs per channel. The two + sides are terminated together and connected to the + output on the amp. Same for the two - sides. At the speaker end, one run drives the LF and one run the HF drivers. Requires twice as much cable, but obviously you end up with a heavier guage to each driver. Some say better, others say not, some say bi-wire makes no difference. I personally run shotgun biwire T-14, but have not compared it to single (also called internal biwire). A fair test would be somewhat difficult to set up.
I would say it depends on the speaker. For a two way monitor, it's probably overkill and pretty expensive to do. I use shotgun bi-wire cables now, but they are up for sale to pay for an upgrade. With unlimited $$, I would still use a double run, and I definitely would use a double run over internal bi-wiring for a 3 way speaker. Like Swampwalker said, there are different opinion on whether its worth it at all.