Shorting Balanced Input

I have a Gamut D200 amp and wish to try a SE set of cables, but I've misplaced the copper shorting jumpers that came with the amp. You need to short the balanced inputs in order to use a SE cable .Can anyone tell me where I can get some of these? The arebasically a stiff copper U-shaped piece of bare wire, and I might be able tomake them if that's all I need.....any ideas?
I know Mark Levinson supplies them with all their amps (in gold plate!) and you could make your own, as you suggest, out of a u-shaped piece of solid 10 (or was it 12?) AWG solid copper wire. Frankly I don't like the jumper idea anyway because they're hard on the female XLR, especially when taking them out. You want a better solution? Get a pair of Neutrik M XLR plugs and just short the appropriate pins inside, and plug 'em in!

GamuT now supplies a really easy-to-use XLR-style shorting plug. They are easier to use than the U shaped plugs--no need to make sure you are connecting the right pins together; it's all taken care if inside this XLR-looking thing. Contact GamuT. Maybe they can tell you where to get something like that if they charge too much or won't sell just the XLR shoring plugs to you. Good luck.
I just ordered these, to replace some that I lost.