Shorter or longer ICs?

I have a pair of monoblocks and was wonderng whether it is sonically better to have the amps next to the speakers with longer interconnects from the pre or closer to the pre, but with longer speaker cables to the speakers? Thanks.

- Doc
Depends on whether your amps are SS or tube. Very generally speaking, SS amps are more able to drive long runs of speaker cable, so short i/c's and long spkr cables will give you the least negative effects. BUT, if you have tube amps, then long i/c's and short spkr cables are probably a better choice.
Hope this helps. ATB, Joe
If you search for previous posts you will find hundreds of opinions, all of them correct. I like longer ICs and shorter speaker cables. It is cheaper and I use shielded ICs. The ICs run 15 feet and 25 feet to right and left amps. The speaker cables are 3 feet each. And, of course, my way is the only way, no doubt about it, without question.
Hello. Personally, I believe keeping the amps close to the speakers and have longer runs of I/C's. If you can, go BALANCED.
Good question.
Longer ICs and short speaker cables, especially if tube mono amps. Looks cool as well.
Agree with the two posters that recommend long interconnect and short speaker cables.
Where do you have the most signal drive (IE;higher voltage/current)?That should determine your answer,as there wil;l be some loss transmitting a signal through any cable.
Thanks, all. Look like the consensus is longer IC and shorter speaker cables. I have tube mono amps, BTW.

- Doc
Does anyone remember the Walker table review,where HP had to run a 3 meter IC from the table to the phono.No bass.Anyone heard the Walker? I don't think it has that defiency.My vote goes for shortest IC and longer speaker cables.Most amps generate suffient current and voltage.
what is the total distance you need to run them?
Long ICs - 2V and 30 mA of current goes thru them.
Short speaker cables, much more current thru them, therefore the losses are bigger if runned long.
That's one of the reasons for having monos in the first place.
A related factor for which I would like to see some responses - does anyone wonder if moving tube amplifiers close to the speakers to utilize short speaker cables will have the negative effect of exposing the amps to excessive vibration from the speakers?
I currently have my amps in another room and run 30 ft. cables to the speakers.
Any input would be enlightening.

In normal listening levels, no problems occur.Or should i say, none of us (me and few friends) never noticed any problem with it.If there is such problem measurable, it is beyond me.
Me & my friend run only 40 cm of Nordost Valhalla from 300B SET monos to speakers.
If you exeprience such problem, please let me know.
I guess you can also fix it with proper isolation cones under both, the speaker and monos.
Does anyone remember the Walker table review, where HP had to run a 3 meter IC from the table to the phono. No bass. Anyone heard the Walker? I don't think it has that defiency. My vote goes for shortest IC and longer speaker cables. Most amps generate sufficient current and voltage.

Big difference in running a moving coil cartridge with .2 MV output over a 10 foot interconnect versus driving equal (or longer distances) with a preamp designed for the job. There's a huge difference in impedance and voltage output between MC cart and Pre.

I have a Walker, better bass than all my previous turntables. I previously owned Linn, VPI, Basis Debut Gold Mk4 and Mk5, Versa Dynamics, Oracle, WIn Labs and others.

As for long runs of interconnect, mine are 40 feet and single ended (RCA).

My system certainly shows no loss of high frequencies or bass. The high frequencies would be the first to go if there's excessive capacitance in the interconnect run.

I calculated my 40 foot run at around 221PF total, meaning the highs roll above (approx.) 250K.