Shorter belt for TW-Acustic Raven AC-1

Can one use a shorter belt say like 25" on the TW-Acustic Raven AC-1? Has anyone tried a shorter belt? What results? I have TT area space problems and want to reduce the footprint.
I know the Raven AC has a shorter or longer belt option. I didn't have sufficient space for the long belt on mine and went with the shorter one. Is that one still too long?
I don't know how limited you are... My AC-1 is in a cabinet and I have to set things up at an angle. In talking to Jeff at High Water Sound he said the motor could be put anywhere around the table; behind, front or to the right depending where the arm board is positioned.

I take it you are in a tight spot though.
Hi, If you can't solve your space issues with your TW, maybe condider a Grand Prix Monaco direct drive.

A few of us have them. really a wonderful table that handily steps up over my former SME 20/2 (which is pretty good)

I have not compared it to your TW though.

Good luck, I know this isn't a fun problem to solve!