shortening interconnects

Anyone have any skills at making ic's . I have an oppurtunity to purchase a 4 meter pair of shunyata reseach constellation series. I would like to make three pair of shorter cables out of the 4 meter pair . I have noticed on my kimber hero ic;s a set screw that appears to hold the connector to the cable . Any thoughts on the skill needed to do this ? or tips ? thanks ! Or i could possibly send them off to be done professionally if cost would warrant this .
It would be worth sending an email to shunyata research first to determine the cost. If you ever decide to sell them, factory termination will get you more $$.
I agree factory termination is the only good way to make short cables out of larger ones. Some companies are happy to do this. Some are not so helpful.
Some types of RCA are a P.I.T.A. to assemble and solder properly. So if you have no experience making interconnects, i suggest you have someone else do the work.
Check youtube for how to videos.