Short Run .5M Interconnect on a budget?

I'm looking for something for a downsized system (I had to get rid of my Purist Audio Museaus-- so sad). For use between phono stage and preamp and then preamp and tube amp... so two sets. $200 each set is my budget. It a new high efficiency system, low wattage amp and a LIghtspeed LDR attenuator. Phono stage is a Dynavector P75 if that matters.
I recently added Grover Huffman interconnects and speaker cable with revealing results. Planned a shoot out with anti-cable, nordost, signal, reality, blue jean. Never happened. The Huffman went in last and never came back out. So clearly superior to the others in my system. Nice guy too
I like Signal Cable products. well made. affordable. nice looking. For 2 pair: Analog One - $72. Analog Two - $100. Silver resolution - $200.
Tough to say. An option is 47 Labs OTA Storatos Cable and two sets RCA plugs for total of $300. In short runs, they are tonally superior - imo, in my system - than Museaus, but do not provide the pitch black background.
Hi Dhcod, the Lightspeed Attenuator likes to see interconnects to the power amp with capacitance of less that 100pf (picofarad) per foot The .5mt should not be a problem with any good quality interconnect, the sounds of which are personal and system depentant taste.
I always say that if you want to add a touch of brightness go with silver or silver coated cable, if you want to tame a bit of brightness then go with copper cable. And of course you can have a combo of silver going into the Lightspeed and copper comming out.

Cheers George