Short notes on Sibelius Seven Symphonies

For those interested in Sibelius Symphonies, there are 3 that i consider worth consideration. Kurt Sanderling/Berlin Sym. Orch. ( can be had for $15!! on a new budget label, i paid $40 on Berlin Classics). Sir John Barbirolli/Halle Orch.(his second recording cycle 1966-1970, EMI 724356729926) Leif Segerstam/Danish Radio Sym. Orch. On Sym #1 there is one i would highly recommend (my favorite), Stokowski/National Phil.Orch (Sony label #7464632602. On Sibelius' op.7 Kullervo, Segerstam does a truly spectactular performance. In a few days i'll have the new recording by P. Jarvi/Royal Stockholm P.O., and will post a note.
Hi Tweeker, I'm interested in yr appraisal of Jarvi/Stockholm. My reference is Barbirolli/Halle for all symphonies & I second your commendation of Segerstam/Danish RSO. Indeed, in certain passages I prefer Segerstam to Barbirolli.
BTW, Segerstam is also a composer -- you might want to try some of his later works!
Anyone who likes Sibelius should listen to Vanska with the Lahti orchestra especially #5.
Tweekerman hit the nail on the head with his $15 budget recommendation of the 7 symphonies. Sanderling's set has been around for a long time for a good reason. It's a great place for someone just coming to Sibelius to start out.
Also, Colin Davis and the Boston Symphony Orchestra is worth a mention.
I am not a big classical music fan, I probably have less than 30 cd's but I absolutely love the first movement of his first symphony, especially around the 3:00 and 9:00 marks. If I listen to this before shopping I can't help but hum it while going down the ailes.
Yes the 2 cressendos in the first movement are spectactular. The recording that really comes through here is Rozhdevensky/London S.O. which is not avaliable on CD, only rare vinyl. You can contact Princeston Record Exchange, i bet they have it. However the finest performance of the 1st Sym. is the Stokowski/National S. O. You will soon become a classical fan, it's great symphonies like Sibelius #1 that sparked my interest with classical music.
Ondine has released (11-27-02) Segerstam/Helsinki PO recording of Sibelius Sym 1/7. From hearing the 1 minute Real Player clips, this will be a truly outstanding performance. The Helsinki under Bergland is a good set, however all the recordings are 2-4 minutes shorter than other complete recordings!???? Segerstam/Danish RSO is a fine set as well, yet I felt the Orchestra was weak at some in some sections. I had hoped that Segerstam would do a cycle with the Helsinki, but I did not even imagine this would be anytime soon, or that it would ever happen. I may wait til the complete set is out. Hey Greg the Jarvi/Stockholm recording of Kullervo Sym did not arrive yet, I'll post a review ASAP.