Short List of Amps I prefer over the Pass Labs XA25 or INT 25

I am anxious to see what comes.

If your response includes the word "But" please restrain yourself.
The XA25 must be pretty good, only 6 out of 95 actually answered the question and it wasnt stated in a few of those posts that they had heard the Pass amp to make their answer somewhat legitimate.  
Different's all about preferences. I'm a "Passaholic." I love the Pass sound. It's so rich sounding to my ears. Most people feel the same way about their gear. That's OK! It's alright. It really is. Nothing wrong with differing opinions. I happen to also really like Luxman products. But there have been some posts on this forum where the OP didn't care for Luxman. We seem to have difficulty with the concepts of opinion vs fact. I occasionally have had that same problem.

Two years ago I booked a flight and made the trip to my favorite audio dealer and auditioned 7 different integrated amps. They were ALL outstanding and I would have been happy with any of them. However, as you might expect my ears liked some more than others. The audition included products from Pass Labs, NAIM, Moon/Simaudio, VAC (tube amp), Hegel, Luxman, and Gryphon. I ended up purchasing a Pass Labs INT 250. I love it and my ears love it. All the other amps sounded superb. But I can virtually guarantee you there are people that prefer something other than the amps I tried.

Are all people going to like the INT 250 as much as I do? Of course not. Pass Labs has a pretty lengthy list of very happy owners and fans, so they must be doing something right.

You all know all this stuff. We see it daily on the forums. The differing opinions are one of the things that make the forums so much fun. But some people take the differing opinions personally and are actually threatened by opinions different from theirs.

Anyway, nothing new here. I've seen it on music forums too. I guess it's part of the nature of forums. It would make a great study...the psychology of forums. Anyone care to take that one on?