Short List of Amps I prefer over the Pass Labs XA25 or INT 25

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Touche Atma!  Well said sir!

RE the Spectral question. I heard them in May of 21. 
None better.

If your travels take you to Berkely, CA stop into Music Lovers
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Say hello to Hugh from me!
I had the opportunity to audition 7 different high end integrated amps at Suncoast Audio. They included: Naim Supernait 3, Gryphon Diablo 300, Moon/Simaudio 340i, VAC 170i (all tube), Luxman 509x, Hegel H390, and Pass INT 60. Every one of those amps were outstanding and I would have been perfectly satisfied with any of them. However, my ears really liked the Pass INT 60. And, liking the Pass signature sound I went with the INT 250. I was a little afraid at the time that the INT 60 would not have quite enough horsepower. Turns out I was wrong, but I went with the INT 250 anyway. I LOVE it!! I won't take the time to go into all the technical reasons I like Pass Labs products so much. But after almost 2 years with my INT 250 I've become a HUGE Pass Labs fan. The amp has opened up beautifully. Great synergy with my Harbeth Super HL 5+ 40th Anniversary (XD) speakers. I know there are amps out there that may sound as good as Pass amps but I just really like the Pass Labs flavor of sound. And their customer service is second to none. Nothin' not to like and gobs to like.
I’ll start right up front with saying I’m a huge Pass Labs fan. I chose to purchase a Pass INT 250 after auditioning 6 other integrated amps. The first Pass amp I auditioned was an INT 60. I wasn’t even planning on auditioning any Pass Labs amps at all. But the INT 60 really shocked me with it’s accuracy, fine detail, deep and wide sound stage, clean, clear, and strong bass, crystal mids and top end, and how well balanced it was. Some call it a "chocolate" sounding amp. But at the risk of sounding cliche’-ish, it has such a smoothness yet clarity about it. Very difficult to explain in words. Anyway, I obviously really, really, like both amps. Another reason I like the INT 60 and INT 250 so well I’m sure has to do with it’s synergy with my Harbeth Super HL 5+ 40th Anniversary speakers. They’re perfect for my small-ish (27’ x 16’) listening room. Those speakers and those amps like each other a lot. When I auditioned all 7 amps mentioned above I made sure to use the same speakers I had at home. Another selling point with me was the build quality of Pass Labs components. And, Pass Labs has a rep for some of the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. So, there ya go. That’s why I’m a major league Pass Labs fan. Do I think they’re "better" than anything else out there? Not necessarily. But I think they’re just as good as anything in their price range. There are just so many amps on the market that I’ve never heard. That’s another reason I can’t claim to have "the best" amp. And neither can anyone else, unless they’ve listened to them all. Since we’re talking thousands of amps extremely few, if any, people have done that. Anyway, from a sonic standpoint, it’s not about whether my amp (or any other component) is "better." As usual, it all comes down to preference and the flavor of sound you want, based on YOUR ears. Sorry for the rambling post.

I agree, Pass Labs equipment delivers beautiful sweet chocolate sound. But this is not precisely natural poor chocolate flavor. Most people like artificially flavored sweet chocolate. I don't - i prefer a natural chocolate flavor.