short in a tube-what happens?

I just received a 6dj8 tube which i tested on my tube tester. the reading were fine, however there was a clear short in the tube.

what happens if a tube with a short is installed in your audio gear?

disaster? hum? anyone ever brave enough to find out?
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6dj8 is a relatively common tube, to be on the safe side, I think if you know there is some kinds of short in the tube, then replace it with a good one. I assume the audio gear you have is expensive.
by short, I mean, my tube testers light lights up when it senses a short in the tube being tested.

the tube in question is a nicer SQ tube, so id rather not throw it away if it has some value.
A tube can short when heater wires within the tube deform under high heat and touch the cathode. Excessive heating happens when air leaks in the tube. With a heater to cathode short, excessive current can destroy an amp output transformer unless the mains are fused.
Some tubes will light up a 'shorts' light on some testers, even when there is no short.

A short is two elements touching that should not be doing so.

Here is my experience. I was getting a kind of popping/rumpling sound coming from one of my speakers. It was intermittent, not extremely loud, but with no music playing it was very noticeable. Could not figure it out but ultimately traced it back to one of my mono blocks which was brand new. I started by testing the “6DJ8” driver tubes and sure enough one of the sides of one of the tubes registered a short. I replaced both tubes and the amp is now dead silent.