Short Floorstanders for HT only...$500

My father in law is setting up a HT only system. He is setting his tv on a console that is 28" high and wants his speakers that flank the console to be no higher than that.
Are there any short floorstanders that would work? He will be using a Onkyo receiver with around 35-50wpc to drive them.

Just about all floor standing speakers average 40" inches or higher. Difficult to find any at 28" inches anywhere. There is nothing wrong with having the speakers halfway to three quarters up the side of the TV, which actually would be better that would synchronize vocals to the center of the TV screen. If your father is OK with this, I can recommend a great speaker with a ribbon planar tweeter that is great for movies and music that costs $500.00 and is 40' inched high.