Shopping for speakers at $1500-$2000 is a chore.

I have been amazed at how many $1500-$2000 monitor speakers are out there. Just to name a few: the Wharfdale Jade 3's; KEF LS-50; KEF R-300; B&W CM-5S2 and CM-6S2; Focal Aria 906. and though NOT a monitor, Golden Ear Technology Model 7 small floorstander at $1500 a pair (which received raptured and orgasmic praise at CES 2013)

I have heard both KEF's , especially LS-50, but despite excellent sound staging and accuracy sound lean and at times lifeless The B&W were better, but the CM5S2 sounded lean and often edgy,However(the CM6S2 is very good to excellent, but also more expensive than the others)

The Wharfdale Jade 3 was the bane of one our members in a recent thread claiming they just did not sound right or what he expected.

However, the Choral Aria 906 monitor has often popped up in discussions, and as I mentioned to another member, they have received very good and solid reviews from generally reliable sources, However, the Focal 906, and the Golden Ear Technology model 7 are harder to find to audition.

So I would like to get some input from owners of either or possibly both speakers about which they preferred, and also the better sounding or most satisfying to listen to. I will greatly appreciate this feedback, as I seek out a dealer of either or both, but hopefully not in a city or state that requires air or train travel to reach.
YEs, many good choices in that range.

Goldenear Aon3 is the best I have heard recently that costs less than that and might compete well with more expensive alternatives. If saving any money matters maybe give those a listen. or maybe have some money left for a powered sub which almost always helps with smaller monitors in most modest size rooms or larger.

Of course the amp being used and listening habits is probably important to know to say what has best shot at sounding best in that range.
I've owned bookshelf speakers from Dynaudio Focus 140, KEF 201/2, Paradigm S2/S4, Usher Be718, and others I am not thinking of. Some used newer version TSMs for around $1,500 is about as close to state of the art you are going to get from 50hz up if tonal accuracy and natural sound is your goal. The KEF for example projected a huge sound into the room and was detailed as all get out. It was also pretty genre specific so I am not convinced these were true to life despite the glowing measurements. The Merlins play everything with aplomb but are not show offy.
In one of your previous threads, I recommended the Ascend Acoustics Sierra2 speakers as something you should consider. I don't know how close this is to you, but you can arrange for an audition at their facility in San Clemente.
Thanks to all who have responded so far. I can't answer everyone. But let me fill you in on some general facts: current system; room size: music generally listened to. Johnnyb53 seems to want every aspect addressed, including my heart rate.

Nevertheless, The room is 12X15; and, the music generally played: is classic rock and jazz/rock fusion; also some big band; and, it is played loudly, but no head banger craziness

System is: Rogue Sphinx hybrid integrated (100RMS) so far a winner in my experience; a Ayre CX7emp2 CD player. outstanding and worth the bucks whether new or used and upgraded; Interconnect is a older Nordost Red Dawn Flatline cable and has not been a disappointment despite a tad of overbrightness which is very tolerable. Speaker Cable: Grover Huffman which was purchased unknowingly from an AG member who works for Warner Brothers possibly on the music side of the company. He swore on ten bibles and a rabbit's foot that this was the best cable he had ever heard....AND HE WAS GENERALLY RIGHT. In my current system the Huffman provided about 25% improvement in sound, withdrawing a light veil overall from the sound which gave the AZ's Adagios a new level of transparency even more so than AZ's expensive Hologram II cable. However, both were sold and gone!! Finally, a AZ Tsumani Plus PC to the Rogue integrated which is no lightweight performer.

Sure, I would like the new Nelson Pass integrated (to tweek the new speakers) in the same way I would like having dinner with Taylor Swift, but odds and age and her tour schedule make it impossible!!!(LOL).

Lastly, I live in Los Angeles; most high end dealerships are located in the western end of the county. There is an above average number of Golden Ear Tech dealer, but here is the problem. Several do not display the Golden Ear model Seven in favor of the model One, and the powered model 5. These, I was informed by a dealer are the money makers and big sellers, especially the model 1 retailing at $4995. There is a shop in Carlsbad California approx. 130 miles from L.A.; the road to it can be a traffic nightmare almost anytime of the day, and especially on the weekend.

Another GET dealer in newly named "City West" claimed my that neither the Aeo 2 nor Aeo 3 will play loud enough in 12X15 listening room. He was a disagreeable, self-righteous prick who stated that his shop has limited floor space, and no room for the model 7 and its cartons....A real charmer... this guy!!!

To sum up, I don't intend to take a grand tour of Los Angeles county audio dealers looking for either GET or Focal dealers. (BTW, some Golden Ear dealers are custom installer with no show rooms!! The Focal dealers are few and far between, and their website even listed a dealer who sold Pro equipment and not the audiophile line, though they "might be able to get a pair of Aria 905 or 906...", So that is the round up. Thank you and have a Nice Day!!!!

P.S. This quest for new speakers is making comrade Jim, less and less Sunny
I almost bought a Rogue Sphinx.

It should work well to suit your needs with most any speaker mentioned in that room which is not large. You'll know what you like best when you hear it.

Were it me, I would audition Goldenear Aon 3. That should do nicely if you like the sound and leave money to spend again. i can't imagine why anyone would not, but tastes vary. Some might find Aon 3 too polite perhaps.

Don't forget with Monitors the right pair of stands is essential as well for best performance. My recommendation would be to try Isoacoustics pro monitor stands for about $100 on Amazon first before anything else.