shopping for new cd player, need suggestions

i need a new player, looking for something that will match
the rest of my system.

b&w cdm9 speakers
simaudio i3 intergrated
mit avt-1 biwire speaker cables
mit avt-1 interconnect

i listen mostly to rock, blues, classical.
my price limit is 2k if i had to buy new.
all input is appreciated.
naim cd 5x
Audio Aero Prima............
The sky's the limit when it comes to options. Lately, it seems that they are all much better than those selling for the same prices just a few years ago.
I would suggest you get a nicely priced used unit, and spend the rest on MUSIC!
There are some great buys on this website. I suggest California audio labs Alpha DAC (24/96) and a good transport.