Shopping for an integrated amp

I want to simplify my system a little, largely at my wife's request, so am thinking of switching to an integrated to replace my current separates (Parasound Halo A23 and Meridian 562v w/DAC, powering ProAc Response 1 SC speakers and a very old AudioPro subwoofer). Would like for this to be an actual upgrade or at the very least sideways move. However, the dizzying array of choices has me somewhat paralyzed. I've heard and been impressed by Musical Fidelity's M6i, which hits the ceiling of my price-range. Wasn't overwhelmed by Anthem's 225 Integrated, but didn't hear it with my speakers. Can't audition NAD M3 because even the local NAD dealers won't carry it--they don't seem to like that product line. Would be grateful for opinions.
how about either a Vincent hybrid or a McIntosh with autoformers?
Check out this equipment and see if it might work for you. You can buy directly from the website or have the kit built to your specifications. Digitalpete (Pete Fulton) is an authorized AN kit builder and repair technician. While I can't speak to the AN integrated amplifier, I can tell you that I purchased the L3 preamp and had Pete build it. I upgraded the volume control component and had him use Dueland caps in the line stage. Simply excellent! Pete's phone number for questions: 240-441-7846
An Ayre AX-7 would be a big upgrade from what you have now. If you needed a lot of power the MF would be an OK choice. For SQ though, I feel the Ayre is much better. The new MF gear made outside the UK just doesn't sound like their old stuff.

Your speakers sound good with tubes, as well. Maybe look at a Rogue integrated. Excellent sound for the money and made in the US.
I second the Ayre7xe. We moved to it a while back from a Classe Cap151 which was getting quite old and we amazed by the musicality it added, deeper bass, nice midrange, overall improvement.
You should look at the TEAC A1-3000. Very nice looking integrated and u can also use it as a separate power amp . Go to Katliaudio, I was there yesterday and it look very nice and huge 69lbs! Cheers
If you're using a subwoofer, I'd take a serious look at the Harman Kardon HK 990. It has bass management and room correction software as well as an impressive Citation power amp section.

Good luck.
Thanks to everybody for the responses. Vincent Audio is definitely on my list, and I'm intrigued by the Ayre7xe, which I hope to hear in the near future.
I agree with the comments on Vincent. Might also consider the various Marantz integrateds. Not "official" audiophile stuff, but Marantz makes some awfully good amps at various price points. Cheers
If a used Hegel H300 shows up used it might be in your price range and has a good DAC in it as well -- that's what I'd do. Or, if you want to buy new and can work with 74wpc their new H80 could be worth a look as it uses a similar preamp section and amp technology from the H300. Also like the Ayre recommendation. Best of luck.
I liked the Ayre Ax7e but liked the Hegel H200 a little more and ended up with the Hegel. Both are very good options.
A long overdue update: I ended up finding a great deal on a Hegel H200. At first it didn't seem to have the right synergy with my Proac Response 1SCs, but upgrading to Clarus Aqua interconnects speaker cables made all the difference, and now I'm quite thrilled what I'm hearing. Thanks again for all your suggestions.