Shopping for a preamp

I’m in the market for a preamp. I use a Rogue Cronus Magnum Integrated. I have been looking at phono-pre’s which is fine if I use my integrated as a line stage and power amp. I am also thinking long term so I may be best suited to buy a preamp with built in pre and add a power amp down the road. Budget is between $2,500-$4K.

I've had my eye on:

Herron VTPH2
Whest Three Signature
Pass Labs XP-15

I welcome all recommendations on those listed above as well as for other phono-pre’s or for a preamp with built in phono-pre.

My set-up:

Rogue Cronus Magnum
Zu Soul MkII
VPI Scout 1.1
Soundsmith Zephyr MkII
Zu Cabling
I absolutely second the post from russbutton above.  However, Don Sachs Consulting takes the basic 6SN7 actual tube design of the SP14 to a much higher degree with his custom version, using the 64 step Khozmo pot and Mundorf silver oil caps. It betters the legendary performance of the HK-CI that Don earlier upgraded for me.  His phono stage is "killer", too.  I vastly prefer Don's preamp to my former Modwright preamp and that was very good too.  You could spend many times the money that you would spend for Don's preamp and not get better sound.  Google "Don Sachs Consulting" and look for the custom line stage link.  Don is the nicest guy in the business, too. 

You can get an ARC Ref2 within your budget. I love mine. You could also get an LS-26 which is supposed to be great too (I haven’t auditioned one myself).
@abrew19 Thanks, what amp/speakers are you using and what are the ARC Ref2's best qualities?
My amp is the Pass Labs x250.5 and speakers are my dear old B&W Matrix 803 s2.  I'd say dynamics and musical realism are the Ref2's strong points.  I've owned 3 tube preamps (granted, not very many compared to many others here) and it combines the "tube magic" with a dynamic punch that I haven't experienced with other tubed preamps.  For me it's the best overall performance I've had in my system (although no tubed unit is as downright quiet as a well designed solid state pre). The Ref2 is a clear and definitive step up from my Cary SLP-98 F1 and two steps up from my ARC LS-16mkII.