Shopping for a new Tube Pre Amp with Phono

My Conrad Johnson PV5 is in for service and may need replacement. Looking for a tube preamp with built in phono (also tube)and remote. I have an MC275 that has been retubed with JJ KT88's - much better than the Winged "c"'s mac uses and New issue Mullard 12AX7's and Mullard JAN 12AT7's in the front end. CD player is a Primare (nice and "Musical"). Turntable is a Heybrook with an older SME arm and Sumiko cart. Martin Logan Vista's with a Depthi are the speakers. Line conditioning done by a Furman Reference. Cabling by AudioQuest.

I am going nuts researching pre amps. Read a lot of good reviews on PrimaLuna/Mystere, Rouge, MAD etc. Don't want to buy Chinese made and want a "real" tube preamp. Auditioned a Mac C220 (I work at Magnolia Hi Fi). Good but too expensive and not what I would consider the sound of a "Real" tube pre amp.

Anybody out there with suggestions. Again would prefer American Made and would like to stay around 2 grand.
Ebay has a supposed new in box PV-11 that has a bid of 480 at present. I had one sold it years back and recently bought another for a second system and for when my Premier 16 goes down, which happens about every 5 or 6 years. Highly recommend the piece.
Spearit Sound which has a C-J Classic with phono for $2150. Have read good reviews of it but have not heard it both do not have remotes.
There is also a C-J PV 15 with teflon cap upgrade for $1500 has remote but not sure about phono have to ask the seller
Thanks, Winoguy. The Modwright is on my short list. How does the 9.0 differ from the new model - 36 I think?? I checked out your system - you and I are in the same league - music is the goddess the hardware serves.

I could be X beero guy or X herb guy but Hubb is good enough
Uru975. Thanks for the heads up. I have seen some people express doubts about doing used hifi business on ebay. I notice from your system that you are a CJ guy. It seems that they (like AR and Mac in their tube preamps) are getting less tube and more solid state all the time. Do you notice any change in sonic signature between newer and classic CJ??