Shop online from England !!

Has anyone shopped online from England before ?? What was the shipping cost ?
You are in England or want to buy from England? The biggest audio outlet in England is
FYI: Julian Richer (Richersounds) is also a partner in Audio Partnership which ownes Cambridge Audio (maker of the popular D500 Cd Player among other things.).
Shipping costs from the UK (England) to the USA are usually higher than US to UK. Depending on how quickly you want the item you can use the regular Parcel service which has different service price bands, the slowest can take up to 45 days! Their fastest is around 5 to 8 working days and actually is not much cheaper than Fedex. For speed and reliabilty we have found Fedex to be the best. They have special rates on their boxes - the 22lb (10kg) box costs UK£50 (approx $80) from the UK to the USA. Their 55lb (25kg) box costs UK£80 (approx $125) and all these are on one day service if there is a local Fedex office or two day service if Fedex use a local agent (as in most cases here in the UK). Also consider the value of the shipment, there is a $100 personal limit into the US without customs duty, etc and I believe you can go to $200 if it is a gift. Hope this helps? Regards, Richard at
Philc I'll forgive the misnomer on England rather than the UK. I think if you are buying a small item (i.e cables or a DAC)you might sneek through customs but it's pot luck-I think there are ways and means to make it(more) possible but it depends on the dealer-I was offered a deal on a Bel Canto DAC. Having considered a few US hi-fi purchases both new and used I think it's more hassle than it's worth-even when it seems like a decent deal. Although I do buy Region 1 DVD's from the States.