Shootout: CJ Sonographe SA250 vs. Classe CA150

Anybody who is familiar with these entry level amplifiers, please post your insights as to which one is more musical? The
Conrad Johnson is a bipolar design and the Classe, I believe is a mosfet?
I have never heard either amp but I thought I would mention the amp I use--that being a Belles 150a ref.(RCA's only) Musical does describe this amp. One sold for 1200 last week and I'm quite sure it will clean the clock of either of these 2, you mention./ but maybe these 2 are fewer dollars than---??
I have the Sonographe SA 400. It is an excellent amp. It is not quite as dynamic as my Class A Plinius, but it sounds great. A little on the warm side. If you can pick up the CJ for cheap it is a no-brainer
I believe the SA400 when it was sold brand new cost like $2k and the Classe CA200 it's counterpart at $3k. I guess prices don't dictate if one is going to be better than the other. I have never tried a Belles Amp but will try to audition it. Is the Plinius amp the SA100MkII?

Thanks a lot.
I bought the CJ used a couple years ago for around $600 I think. It's very versitile. The plinius amp I have is the SA102
Dont know about the Classe,I have a sa250,its worth every penny,Outstanding all the more so considering what they sell for,puts any mid fi for about the same price to shame.
I listened to the CA150 and was impressed. The Sonographe SA250 is a good amp for the price, and is one tranparent amp. But the Classe is a high end amp and I like the way it presented instruments and voices. Partnered with my Cary tube preamp with Telefunken 6DJ8, Diana Krall sung in the room for me. I was bowled over. I finally traded in the CJ for the Classe. I am thinking it will be awesome with an Esotec-tweeter equipped Dynaudio, like the Focus 110. BTW, my transpor/ DAC combo is also Twin Telefunken tube equipped, too.

Thanks for your input.
I have owned some CJ and some Classe and at this point, I would probably choose Classe over CJ when it comes to amps. I know the CA200 and it is excellent.