Shoot Out Between Esoteric X-03SE n WADIA 381

Has anyone compared these 2 cd players?Which sounds more dynamic n more refined?Which has better bass control n midrange?Thanks
Did you ever get responses to your question on Audiogon on the Wadia 381 vs Esoteric? Any thoughts on the Wadia vs the Resolution Audio opus 21?
No,I have not received any.My selection now is between the Wadia 381 n the Perfect Wave combo by PS Audio.U heard of the Perfect Wave combo?TQ n have a nce day
I have owned the X03SE and the Wadia 521 DAC, they are very similar, I am not sure one is better than the other. The Wadia is slightly more musical to my ears, a little more laid back with deeper soundstage and more details. I guess I prefer the Wadia, ever so slightly....bass is phenomenal in both.